At the start of the recruiting process, all parties set out with a unified goal—finding that “gold” or, in this case, finding the perfect candidate for an open position. As time presses on, however, tensions rise as the position remains unfilled and, ultimately, that initial common goal seems all but forgotten as inherent differences between the in-house Human Resources (HR) Department and the outside recruiting agency come to light.

Platinum Hire differs from other recruiting agencies, however, in that we work within our clients’ existing hiring and on-boarding system. By doing so, we eliminate the threat so commonly found between other HR Departments and recruiting agencies. At Platinum Hire, our focus on that initial goal never fades or tarnishes, no matter who we need to partner with to make that goal a reality.


At Platinum Hire, we know that the strength of the partnerships we form with our clients is dependent on the mutual trust we build with one another. We work collaboratively, in tandem, with our clients from the outset to build this partnership, keep the initial goal in mind and hone in on that mutual trust. The sooner we build this partnership, the more expedited the hiring process. Incorporating potential candidates, our clients, our processes and our accompanying technology into our recruiting model makes for streamlined and successful position matches.


Platinum Hire is a national executive recruiting firm specializing in the placement of candidates in the financial, manufacturing and logistics markets, amongst others. With a team of dedicated and highly qualified people, we pride ourselves in Platinum Hire’s “Direct Placement Guarantee” to ensure our client’s satisfaction. When our clients are in need of talented executives, we look to partner with them to understand their unique goals and find successful solutions that meet our client’s objectives. Our recruiting strategies are catered to each client to provide the necessary support to achieve recruitment and administrative success.

At Platinum Hire, our focus on
the initial goal never fades or tarnishes.


Offers a full spectrum of staffing solutions:

Permanent Placement

IT Project Placement

HR Consulting

On-Site Recruiting

Concierge Services


At Platinum Hire, we’ve found that the most successful candidates are found through our use of local and virtual recruiting, advertising and searches within Platinum Hire’s own candidate pool—not through job advertisements.