Platinum Hire LLC Core Values

Platinum Hire is not a “one size fits all” recruiting firm.  Above all, we believe in customizing the process for our clients and our candidates.  We do this by being accessible.  We seek out the key objectives our clients are looking for from the initial consultation so that we are able to aptly and adequately convey these requirements to potential candidates.

From the outset, Platinum Hire was built on the notion that communication is the key to every successful relationship.  We consistently strive to exceed the needs and expectations of both our clients and our candidates by maintaining a direct, timely and honest line of communication.  Committed to the highest level of ethical and professional standards, we provide quality and reliability to our clients’ workforce.   Through our innovative sourcing, we pride ourselves in customizing and creating client-specific recruitment processes, while listening to our candidate’s needs connecting both parties for a successful placement.